Thursday, January 11, 2018

10 on the 10th

I’ve decided to try my hand at some new link ups this year as a way to help me get reinvigorated and reimbursed in the blogging world.  I’ve seen a few blogger friends join Erin at The Perfectly Port Family’s Blog for her 10 on the 10th.  I always enjoy finding new, fun blogs!  And after looking at this year’s posts, I’d love to jump on in.

Today’s post is 10 random facts about me!  This I can do!  LOL  I’ve shared fun facts about myself many times on the blog! {Here, Here, and Here!}

Here are a few more you might not know!

1- Sushi is always the answer!
I could live on sushi alone.  It’s my favorite!!

2- If I didn’t have to leave my house in the winter, I wouldn’t!  
I am NOT a winter girl.  I HATE the cold.  Sure there are upsides to the winter like bundling up in cute accessories, but I’d rather not.  When I tell people I hibernate in the winter, I’m not kidding.  I’m in bed every night at 8 with a book, and asleep by 9, because quite simply there’s is nothing else to do.  It’s dark and cold...and I just want to end the day!!

3- I get more “house chores” done in 20 minutes in the mornings than any other time of day!  
Laundry, dishes, toilets and sinks, tidying up, etc. I think it’s because when I get home, I’m just too tired from the day!

4-  I’m not a phone AT ALL!  
I prefer to text and I think it’s because I hate my phone voice.  Just like I hate my voice in a microphone!  Maybe I just hate my voice in general.  

5.  I don’t do doctors!
Unless absolutely necessary.  I know this is not a great way to be , but it’s the truth.  

6-I love to travel but I am not a great “solo” traveler.
It’s true!  I must have a drink before and can’t forget my essential oils for the flight!!  I’ve decided though that the best flights for solo travelers are the Red Eyes!  When  I went to Vegas with a few ladies of The Blended Blog  back in November, Nicole and I had separate red eye flights.  Nicole, god bless her, spent 4 hours in the airport before hers to hang with me, and while we waited we split a bottle of wine.  I got on that flight, two glasses in (maybe more!), sat down in my seat, put on my Lavender and Stress Away oils, and fell asleep before we left the ground. I woke up when I heard the pilot say “prepare for landing!”  Score!  He also seemed to haul ass in the air to get us home a whole extra hour early!

7- Married at First Sight is my guilty pleasure.
Have you seen it.  It’s just crazy!!  But it really works.  The show have indeed matched happy couples.  Highly recommend!!  

8- I’m a teacher who looks forward to days off and vacations more than my students do.

9- I consider myself someone who has a lot of friends, but I compartmentalize them...  
I know this is a little weird but I do.  I’m not like my mom who has big parties and invites everyone she knows.  HA!  I feel like I have work friends, forever friends, friends I do Girls' Nights with, and town friends. There have been a few times when these friends have mixed, and I'm never comfortable with it.

10- I talk to myself!
I know what you are thinking... this is not so random, lots of people talk to themselves.  But the way I do it is... so I’ve saved the most random for last.   Living alone, it’s even worse!  I have legit conversations with myself.  Things I say to people, or wish I’d said to people.  And I imagine what they would say to me.  This is done in my kitchen, sometimes shower, sometimes at night when I can’t sleep!  Sometimes I am able to get the words out in actually conversations when I talk to that person, but a lone talking to myself, I’m more bold!!

That was fun!! I'd love to get to know more about you too! Leave me a comment with a random fact about you below! Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Oh, Katie! You and I have so much in common, girl! I don't leave the house in the winter unless I have to, the "pjs by 5" is perfection, and the "before calling me..." totally cracked me up! I feel the same way! I also don't do doctors unless it's a must (and between you and me I haven't had an appointment for myself in years...shh! lol) The main place we differ is, I've never had sushi! lol! More for you though ;) This was a fun read! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Oh man I do that with friends too and I never know if I can have them all at the same time...I love to get into bed by 8 in the winter or as soon as the kids go to bed and watch a little tv before bed. I hate being cold so I wear tons of layers to sleep! All my house chores get done in the morning's my most productive chore time of day, that and right after dinner! xoxo ERIN

  3. Sushi is so delicious! Now I want some, except it's almost midnight where I am, and there is ice and snow outside (and I'm with you on the hibernating thing).


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