Friday, January 19, 2018


Well this was a roller coaster of a week for me, that's for sure!!  But it's ended on a high note, so I'm sharing my faves!  It's a whole lotta random!!

1- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
I am the first one to tell you (and my students!) that I love three day weekends.  But this one comes with a reminder. I enjoy teaching my students about Martin Luther King, Jr. and all that he represents. We talk about how, even after all this time, yes, racism and injustice still exists, but it not the law!  It's in someone's heart...because it's not open to change and kindness.  In this tumultuous time we live in where so many are still divided, I thought this was the perfect quote for Dr. King.  I had not seen it before!  It's my new favorite!

2-  Facebook Fun! 
Saw this floating around Facebook this week and thought it was cute so I played along and commented!!  My three words were "Night with Family"  What would your three words be?  I'd love to know!!
Higher Perspective

3- Books, Books, Books!!
If I'm being completely honest, every weeknight this month so far I've been in bed reading at 8 o'clock.  I've been reading books and listening to audiobooks.  By nine, I'm fast asleep.  Except Tuesday night!!  Tuesday was THE WORST DAY! Among other things, I was not feeling well, so after getting in bed and shutting off my light, I put on my audiobook and I just could not stop listening!!  On a friends recco, I started reading The Art of Racing in the Rain.  It is narrated by a Dog.  And it was THE BEST BOOK!!  I stayed up reading and bawled...probably more than I should have, thanks to my awful day!! But I just loved it so. It's a must read!!
I was happy to see so many bloggers posting their January reads on their blogs this week. It seems like no one does much but read in January!!  And I'm always looking to add to my list.  Shelly introduced me to the What We're Reading Wednesday Link-up hosted by Stephanie!  I'm excited to join this one soon.

4- Good News!
This year since I'm a homeroom teacher I get to go on Field Trips with my class!  And this week I was confirmed to go to Medievil Times!!  Everyone is pretty shocked that I have never even been there!  They all say it's great fun so I'm really excited!!

5-Fun Weekend Plans 
After what feels like my winter's long hibernation, I am really excited to have a full plate o' fun on tap for this weekend.  There's Happy Hour after work today! Dinner and drinks with girlfriends Saturday night, and brunch to celebrate a teacher bestie on Sunday!  After all that, I'm sure I'll be back to hibernating for a few weeks again!!

Hope you all have a great weekend as well, whatever's on the agenda!!  Thanks for stopping by today!

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  1. This post made me smile, sweet friend! Hooray for a long weekend, an upcoming field trip (I've never been there either and it sounds like such great fun!) and anticipation for a wonderful weekend ahead!! ENJOY!!! xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  2. I've been on such a reading kick too! I think the cold weather just makes the perfect time to curl up in bed with a good book!

  3. I need to get reading--already been slacking and it's only January. I also loved Art of Racing in the rain!

  4. I’ve been to Medieval Times in Orlando a few times, and it’s fun! I love three-day weekends too. Right now we don’t have a day off until spring break in late March! It makes weekends all the more welcome. Your weekend plans sound great!

  5. I went on a field trip to a renaissance fesitval which I assume is much fun!


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