Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Little Letters {January}

Joining Kristin at Taz and Belly for another Little Letters link up.  These posts are always fun... help me let out a little bit of my inner Jimmy Fallon and his Friday night, thank you notes sketch.

Dear Twinstar,
Before I bought this TV stand I was happy to not know you.  When the fire place insert shorted within three days and I called and was told I'd receive a replacement insert right away, I thought, GREAT!  That was easy!!  After 12 days of no new insert, I called you again and was told nothing was done with my claim and I  should not have been told that.  What???  Instead, after another 12 days I was sent a new Mother Board, that I was told to install myself because it's was very user friendly.  Guess what? It wasn't.  A customer should not have to deal with exposed wires and cutting. Those exposed wires revealed that they were fried and the new Mother Board was not an option.  So a third call was made where I demanded a new insert be sent and after another 12 days, the whole insert was delivered and I was successfully able to install it myself.  Go Me!  So finally after two months, I can now enjoy my new fireplace in this awful weather!!  And I still hate Twinstar and their stupid customer service portal and their lies!

A Disgruntled Customer

Dear Discover,
Next time I make a double payment on my account, please alert me. Thank you very much! :(

Dear Hooded Blardigan,
I am sorry I hurt you! Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

Dear This is Us,
Thanks for being the only show I care to never miss.  I am constantly amazed by you. Side note: Thanks for the good cry every week. 

Dear Friends,
I can't do it anymore.  I am sorry, but I just can't. I'm stuck in the middle with you...and it's not a fun place to be! 

Dear Audiobooks,
I love you...that is all!

Dear January,
We've had a good time hibernating together haven't we? 

Dear Landline,
I'm THIS Close to giving you up! 

I think I could go on and on with these!  LOL  What Little Letters would you share?  Let me know in the comments below!!

Happy Tuesday Friends!!


  1. Ha, we are the last two land line users in the history of telephonic communication. If we cancel our landlines, who are the telemarketers going to call for pity sake?

    So proud of you for battling through and persisting with Twin Star until you were satisfied. Yay for replacing/installing the new unit by yourself. You are so strong and capable. Yay YOU!!!

  2. Oh This Is Us, what a great show!!

    Dear Summertime,
    I miss you terribly. Please come back soon! ;)

  3. haha, man that is a long time and it's always 12 days, strange. We are behind on This is Us and I am desperate to get back to it! Mr. is dragging his feet, please tell him it's worth it because I cry EVERY.SINGLE.EPISODE!

  4. I'm so with you on This Is Us! I've basically given up on all of my other shows, but I'm consistent with TIU!

    What is a blardigan?!? I'm new to your blog (from the Little Letters linkup), so point me in the right direction because that sounds ridiculously cozy!

  5. Love this Katie - so fun! What happened to your blardigan - I'm worried :)! And I think I'm the only person not watching This Is Us.


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