Monday, January 15, 2018

Resolutions?!? Not so much...

Happy Monday!  Happy to be home today!!   Linking up with the ladies of TBB today to share resolutions...or not!

In my last post of the year I mentioned that I'm not really one to make resolutions.  I've tried and tried in the past, but by week two I always falter.  So this year instead of resolutions I'm tackling a goal.

2018 marks five years in my little house!  It's been a fun five years. So I'm making 2018 the year of the HOUSE.  I've spent to much money on fashion and clothes.  I need to get my priorities in order.   So it's the house...

 When I moved in five years ago, the place was brand spanking new.  Now five years later it's showing signs of wear.  It's in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint.  I've been wanting to do it forever so that's one of my big goals.  By the end of the year, I'd love the whole place to be painted.  And now that I've painted an accent wall in the living room, I'm even that more excited about it!!  So sooner rather than later, it'll get done.

The next two goals go hand in hand and the house!  I need a new bed.  I have not been sleeping well, and I thought changing up my mattress pad would help but it hasn't. So I need to invest in a bed. And I know it's another big expense, but it's deserved. My sister and I calculated that the bed I have now is from!! So clearly it's happening!!

After I get the new bed I can finally set up my old bed in my guest room and figure that whole debacle out!  Like it been FIVE YEARS!!  And then maybe after five years I can have some guests!!

Really these are a few goals under the whole umbrella of the house!  I'm confident, just saying it's one BIG goal that I have all year to complete, I know I can accomplish them!!

Fingers Crossed!!  Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by today!!


  1. That Martin Luther King, Jr. was wise in so many ways. Amazing man. We lost him far too early.

    Yay, for the accent wall and I remember oooing over your tv stand in another post. Those sliding doors are so cute. You've got that painting down, girl. Just do a little at a time.

    YES, yes, yes it is time for a new bed. Remember my new sheets? They are divine. And somehow I am sleeping better with them. A few years ago we treated ourselves to a new bed on Amazon!! It is a knock-off Sleep Number. So fabulous. Check it out. You could get free shipping and make payments.

  2. You should definitely share pictures as you repaint and redecorate :)

  3. If we were closer I'm sure my hubby would come and help you paint. I'd bring cupcakes and talk to you. :) I know that Sleep Number beds seem expensive but we purchased the lower end model and have never slept better. We spent just as much on a previous mattress that didn't last that long and wasn't near as comfortable.

  4. Aren't you the sweetest!! I'd love to meet you and Dale!! Heard great things about Sleep Number!! Will have to check it out!! Thanks!


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