Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer...Solitary Life Style!!

School's out for Summer!!!    Wooooo hoooo...no one is more excited than me!!  

With the exception of heading to the Dominican Republic next month, and two fun concerts, I  have nothing else "planned"! 

Last year I shared my Summer Bucket List, so I thought I'd do the same here!  Like I said, with the exception of a few things, nothing else is really, planned, so I guess instead of a bucket list, I'll call it a "wish list" of sorts.  Living this Solitary life I do, I'm pretty content doing all or nothing.  I know this might shock some people, but it's the truth.  I'm pretty content relaxing in the sunshine!

Some things I hope to do this summer...

I had said that I had a goal to read 12 books this summer!  I have been off a total of 6 days so far and have not picked up one single solitary book, I might STILL be reading a book I started back in February (I think!) so chances of me getting through 12 are slim to none!! In fact, I still have a few books from last year's Summer Reading List that I have yet to read!!  LOL.  I will be sharing this year's list next week so come on back for that!  My new goal is 4.  Any more than that will just be bonus!
I might have only gotten through ONE of these books last summer!

Last week a family friend of mine and a R+F consultant had a giveaway on her Facebook page.  The winner would receive an R+F mini facial just for sharing one item from her Summer Bucket List. So I gave a whirl, commented and WON!  YAY!!  I shared that one thing I wanted to do this summer was go to the breweries out east.  Last year at this time, I posted all about the fun my bestie and I had when we went to one local brewery.  And I want to do that again.  There are so many craft breweries around here, I think that would be so much fun!!

I've also made it a goal to get up and walk four times a week.  The last two months of work, I walked to and from school almost every day and I loved it.  I want to keep it up.  And we have been so lucky with this great weather!!  I made this goal last year too but  more often than not, I skipped it.  This year, I'm hoping that the cute outfits I've bought can be motivation enough to get up and go!  But I have to go early, because it's hot.  The other day I didn't get out as early as I had planned and it was bloody dang hot!!

Other than these, I am just hoping my days are filled with sunshine, relaxation and fun sprinkled in along the way!

What are your plans for the summer?  I'd love to hear about them in the comments below!!  Have a great Tuesday!!


  1. Summertime with no plans is the best..I'm the exact same way!

  2. Hey gorgeous! Yay for the school year FINALLY ending for you. I had to giggle because reading has not been my forte either. Out of your stack I read Big Little Lies and that was it. I am going turtle's pace to why-haven't-I-given-up on the book I'm currently reading. Is it so bad to just want to sip and sun? If you were closer you would be the perfect partner in sipping and sunning!!! xoxoxo sweetness! Do tell more on the DR trip! I had to giggle because I finally turned on OITNB and there's this whole Dominican/Mexican thing in the plot now. xoxoxoxo again lol

  3. Having no plans is sometimes the best so you can do whatever the day takes you. Your trip and concerts sound fun and something to look forward too! I always say I'm going to read more in the summer too but for some reason, it never happens!

    Doused In Pink

  4. We don't have any plans, except Legoland at the end of July, else we'll be winging it, which is the best kind of summer to have. I predict a lot of swimming in our future!

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